Functions 3D Plotter and Analytic double integrator

Functions 3D Plotter is an on line app to plotting two-variabled real functions, ie functions of type f(x,y) or with more precision

\( \begin{matrix} f:\mathbb{R}^2 \mapsto \mathbb{R} \\ \;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\; (x,y) \mapsto z=f(x,y) \end{matrix} \)

3D Functions Plotter calculates double integrals in analytic or numeric form.

3D Functions Plotter also calculates partial derivatives \( \frac{\partial f}{\partial x}, \frac{\partial f}{\partial y} \).


Simply enter the items:

1) xMin: Minimum value of x

2) xMax: Maximum value of x

3) yMin: Minimum value of y

4) yMax: Maximum value of y

5) Function: the function of xy variables, for example x^2-y^2, e^(-x+y), etc ...


To begin the calculations simply click "Show Graph": After a few seconds, a window will open with the graph of the function in the intervals introduced

To calculate double integral simply by clicking "Double integration Tool" and a form with double integrating tool will be shown.

Final comments

Functions 3D Plotter does not require installation of any kind, just a browser with javascript support

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Bojanić Goran:

2012-11-18 10:15:51
I have tried microsoft math, it is good, but yous is excellent.


2012-12-12 09:10:56
Is there any way to use trigonometric ,logarithmic and other functions too?


2012-12-12 13:54:02
You have input field labeled f(x,y) toi insert the function what you want!!!

Bheemesh Chowdary.Kacharagadla:

2012-12-12 13:54:10
mathstools is awesome software; i have no words to explain, 3d plotting system is really great. Thanks to "" team


2012-12-13 14:08:03
This is simply awesome!!
Great job by the team..


2012-12-20 18:07:38
Very nice application.
It would be useful to be able to plot direction fields. I'm just learning about DFs and plotting them by hand.
Though instructive, this is laborious!

Many thanks
David Green


2013-04-10 13:46:31

Shehu Bello:

2013-04-29 13:20:51
It is wonderful. you are making lives much easier for science and technology oriented peoples .Thank you we expect more from you.

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