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Navigation on www.mathstools.com implies acceptance and knowledge of our cookies policy, on this site they are used for various purposes, below, we explain what type of cookies and how to disable them if you wish:

Cookie types into www.mathstools.com

- Cookie to know if the user has accepted the cookie policy: in order to not to show the cookies message every time the user clicks a link on to www.mathstools.com, this cookie has a duration of 30 days

- Google adsense advertising program: Cookies are used to display relevant advertisements in accordance with a user's previous visits to other websites. The use of advertising cookies allows Google and its partners to display advertisements based on visits made by users to other Internet websites. Users can disable personalized advertising. To do this, they must access to advertising settings.

Also, if they do not want other providers to use cookies for personalized advertising, they must accesswww.aboutads.info.

- social networks with the intention of divulgate the content and applications of www.mathstools.com through the "like" button or the specific button of the network. For more information we recommend you check the website of the specific social network, some interesting links are Facebook, Twiter, Google y addthis.com

- Google analytics: at the request of www.mathstools.com, data on the use of the website by users is obtained, with the aim of to make constant improvements in usability and accessibility, as well as analyze the contents that arouse more interest.

How can disable cookies in your browser?

Users can select operational cookies or opt for deactivation in their browser, we leave below 4 links for the most used browsers: Chrome, from Chrome
Explorer, from Explorer
Firefox, from Firefox
Safari, from Safari

For other types of browsers, please consult their own instructions to disable cookies.

Third party liability.

Please note that we cannot be held responsible for the content, accuracy, and compliance with the privacy policies of third parties. Consequently, if you choose to browse our website allowing third-party cookies, you declare that you are aware of this circumstance and exempt www.mathstools.com of any responsibility, direct or indirect, for the damages, prejudices or interference in your privacy made by third companies

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