Prime numbers calculator

It is a number prime? What about prime number decomposition?

Prime numbers calculator is a tool wich can answer these and another dificult calculations. In general, Prime numbers calculator makes available finite arithmetics calculations.
Following calculations are available:

1) Prime number decomposition.
2) Says if any number is prime or not (using several primality tests).
3) Modular arithmetics operations such us
    a + b mod(c)
    a x b mod(c)
    a b mod(c)

For example, imagine that we want to calculate
    2 560 mod(561)

For the Fermat's small theorem it is easy to show
    2 560 = 1 mod(561).

whose calculation is also offer by our application

Another one example, suposse we want to factorize the number 23427527.
If we execute it in the application, we obtain thar such number is prime.

Diferent is the case of 52896831.
Whose decomposition, using the application is
52896831 = 3 . 132 . 101 . 1033

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