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MathsTools Applet is an application that compiles all MathsTools applications, among them are
1) The Simplex Algorithm to solve Linear Programming Problems.
2) Runge Kutta methods for solving systems of ordinary differential equations.
3) Calculation of the Fourier series of a function and its graphical representation and its convergence.
4) Solving systems of linear equations.
5) Eigenvalues ??and eigenvectors calculations and diagonalization of symmetric matrices.
6) Graphical representation of curves in the plane.
7) Graphical representation of space curves.
8) 3D graphical representation of functions of two variables.
9) Calculation of line integrals of vector and scalar functions.
10) Calculation of surface integral of vector and scalar functions.


1) Have Java Installed
2) 800x600 minimal resolution
3) It takes a while to load, but calculations run very fast

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